Arguments for Investors

KNX is an agreement between a huge number of large manufacturers that have developed a open bus structure, with which all the systems in your home can be regulated, linked and controlled.

Once you invest in KNX, you will invest in:

Worldwide Standard


International Standard, therefore future proof. KNX Technology has been approved as: International Standard ISO/IEC 14543-3, European Standard EN 50090, EN 13321-1 & EN1332-2, Chinese Standard GB/T 20965 and US Standard ANSI/ASHRAE  135.

High Quality & Certified Products


KNX stand for high product quality: KNX Association requires a high level of production and quality control during all stages of the product life. Therefore all manufacturing members have to show compliance to ISO 9001 before they even can apply for a KNX product certification. And Moreover, each device has to pass the test of the KNX test labs.


Open System

open system

KNX is a Standard and over 300 companies bet on us. You have an enormous and wide range of choice for the design of the components. Every taste can be catered for.

Low Energy Consumption


There is a constant rise in the prices of oil and energy. But this offers opportunities for automation. By correctly adjusting the parameters of heating, lighting, shutter control, etc… and the communication between them, you can drastically reduce your energy consumption.



Home automation

KNX supports all communication media, as: Twister Pair, Power Line, Radio Frecuency & IP/Ethernet. KNX can be used in both new as well as existing builidings. Therefore KNX installations can be easily extended and adapted to the new needs

Facility Management


All appliances can be networked and integrated into the KNX systems. Switch actuators switch all appliances, current sensors record operating states, water detertor detect leakages and report them...




The KNX system has been on the market for about 23 years, but even components of the first generation are still compatible with the present productline. More so, those components are still in first-rate condition and do their work properly.

All possible applications


KNX can be used for all possible functions / applications in home and building control ranging from lighting, shutter control to security, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water control, energy management, metering as well as household appliances, audio and lots more


Do you want to invest in future! Invest in KNX!