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A demo version of KNX Manufacturer Tool is not available.   

The download link will be provided once payment has been settled.


Manufacturer Tool - Full

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Development of KNX products, starting from scratch:

  • Definition of application, hardware, catalogue entry elements.
  • Definition application parameter and group (communication) objects.
  • Import of binary code application (S19...S37 files).
  • Check and build target (ETS product database entry).
  • Create data/documents for KNX certification, import KNX certified data.
  • Perform and trigger (new) translations - this is however also possible with the TRANSLATOR version.


Manufacturer Tool - Translator

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Creation of new translations of ETS product database entries, originally created by the Full Version. Test of the ETS parameter dialog of these new translations. If positive, an updated product version can be created (“build”). The use cases of this edition are:

  • Certified and nearly completed products (from a development. point of view), but with still open and/or missing/incomplete translations prior to market launch (to be performed by translators or local product managers).
  • Certified and already launched products in core markets, but with still open and missing/incomplete translations for other/ new business markets (to be performed by translators or local product managers).

Extend of Functionality : Export and import of translations, spell check, ETS parameter dialog preview and product build. Editing of the product itself is not possible.

Remark The TRANSLATOR version is fully stand-alone and can be bought separately.


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