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New KNX Products

In this list you can find new KNX products that have been brought to the market.

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Total: 10 products

  • A

    The elegant room control unit for the F 50 series combines light, shade and temperature control in one unit. The room controller features an intuitive operating concept and two integrated temperature controllers. The backlit LC display shows the most important values and functions from every angle. The key symbols in the display can be individually selected during programming according to the respective functions. Keys marked with a graphic tool further support the assignment of functions. With the optionally connectable push-button extension module, function extensions are possible simply and cost-effectively. https://www.jung.de/en/5285/products/technology/knx-system/f-50-knx-compact-room-controller/

    Website: http://www.jung.de

    The "New" in EisBaer 3.0 integrated dynamic load management offers intelligent EV - charging controls integrated into your KNX installation for smart energy consumption control to eliminate the risk of overloading even when multiple chargers are being used simultaneously. EisBaer Scada 3.0 is the visualisation, management and control solution that helps solve the problems caused by the lack of connectivity and communication between KNX and the growing number of devices and systems. The innovative EisBaer multi-protocol engine enables system integrators and end users to communicate with all smart devices, building control and IoT devices in commercial, industrial and residential environments, and provides them with a graphical interface for any computer or smart device.

    Website: www.busbaer.de

  • C

    The CONTROLtronic glass touch series Living Emotions® offers innovative technology and superior design: Real glass in different colors and finishes; Icons self-exchangeable for 1 to 7 sensor fields; Color LED illumination RGBW; Proximity detection; Temperature and air humidity sensor; Flat in-wall mounting with invisible magnetic fixing. With the support of KNX Data Secure, the CONTROLtronic KNX Glass Touch Sensors and KNX Room Thermostats make it possible to set up a secure and protected KNX installation. In commercial buildings, hotels and in outside and public areas of residential buildings - so wherever the KNX bus line is free accessible - protection of the installation by data encryption is essential.

    Website: http://www.controltronic.com

  • E

    The KNX IP Secure Router (2TE) authenticates and encrypts KNX and IP telegrams. Up to eight tunnel connections can be used encrypted or unencrypted. The communication performance is impressive with up to 49 telegrams per second. The device can be used as a line or area couple. The router has a buffered real-time clock and SNTP server. An OLED display shows important device parameters. Telnet provides further parameterization and diagnostics functions. The router is powered directly from the KNX bus. Contact: www.enertex.de

    Website: www.enertex.de

  • G

    The KNX Multifunctional Thermostat fits 100% to standard EU 55mm system like Gira, Jung, Berker etc. It’s designed to control HVAC, AC, floor heating, ventilation with both PI and 2-point algorithm. In addition to the built-in temperature sensor, there are 2 extra terminals for external PT1000 sensor connection. The buttons can also be programmed to KNX scene functions, with logic function and scene group function. The product comes with matt and shiny finish in both white and black, contact GVS if it’s interesting.

    Website: http://www.video-star.com.cn/en/Default.aspx

  • H

    Enviro is a multifunctional smart panel that runs on KNX. Covered by a 4.3-inch touch screen, it allows you to control lighting, air-conditioning, floor heating, climate, music, shading and more functions intuitively. When your hand approaches the panel, its display will automatically wake up. The icons and captions on the display directly tells you what to control. User-friendly in all types of buildings. Best of all, just ONE Enviro panel is able to control all devices in a room. Summary of main features: Multifunctional controlling; Drag-and-drop to organize icons; Adjustable display brightness; Built-in temperature sensor; Auto display wake up; Able to read and show room temperature

    Website: http://www.hdlautomation.com

  • I

    iRidium server UMC is a controller for automation systems, including KNX and IoT devices. It supports KNX, BACnet, Modbus, MQTT, Helvar, Beckhoff ADS and much more. Extensive API, database generation and a most beautiful UI with freehand graphics make it very different from most KNX solutions on the market. IoT-oriented approach gives you access to connection to cloud services with data analytics and a capability for personal developments as well as can be used totally offline. The new C3 model has KNX interface, 1-Wire, CAN and RS485 x 2 (outputs to Modbus RTU or HDL Buspro). When ordering you can choose which interfaces your own iRidium server UMC will have.

    Website: https://iridi.com/server/

  • T

    TAPKO extended its product line of 640 mA KNX bus power supplies. The KPS640 has been developed to be able to offer a cost-efficient device having no ETS application together with the world´s narrowest KNX power supplies (IPS640) equipped with diagnostic functions and KNX Data Secure. The internal structure has been optimized under the most modern technical aspects and impresses with quality and reliability. The DIN rail device, which is only 4 SU wide, has an additional unchoked voltage output. The KNX bus can be reset by push button. LEDs indicate overload, reset and normal operation. www.tapko.de/kps640

    Website: http://www.tapko.de

  • V

    The Vimar Eikon Tactil series, winner of the Red Dot Awards 2019, enhances even the most exclusive interiors. Under the surface – available also with custom finishes such as solid wood, natural leather, carved stone and Corian® - you will find the Vimar KNX controls. In the Eikon Tactil touch technology a proximity sensor activates the RGB LED backlighting. Designed to contain up to 6 functions – all programmable via ETS such as on/off, roller shutters, dimming, scenario activations and many others – Vimar KNX controls are also equipped with a built in bus terminals and no other accessories are needed.

    Website: https://www.vimar.com/en/int/vimar-receives-the-prestigious-2019-red-dot-award-14989132.html

  • Y

    Multifunctional (lighting, shutter, blind, FCU valve -on-off and floor heating) relay module of Interra with extended parameter. 16A@250AC, 165 mA inrush. From 4 up to 24 channel variants. Only one combo for all your needs. Lighting. - Heating. - Shutter and Blind. - Shutter and Blind 24V. - Fan Coil 2 pipes. - Fan Coil 4 pipes The combo has been developed for providing the whole control in the residential and hotel sectors. The use of this device guarantees the efficient management and provision of rooms. www.interra.com.tr

    Website: http://export.interra.com.tr/shared/Technical%20Pack/ITR5XX-16A%20%20-%20COMBO%20SWITCH%20ACTUATOR