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Company Data

Address details

KNX Association cvba 

De Kleetlaan 5, Bus 11
B 1831 Diegem (Brussels)

Tel. : +32 (0)2 775 85 90
Fax : +32 (0)2 675 50 28   


Bank details

VAT nr: BE 0441 460 064
Bank Account:   

BNP Paribas Fortis, Brussels: 210-0046137-17
IBAN:BE61 210004613717

Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt: 176 1113 00
IBAN: DE67 5007 0010 0176 1113 00

for Swiss customers only:
Crédit Suisse: 580043-01
IBAN: CH6404835058004301000



1. Copyright and right of the producer of a database
This website (reached through the domain name knx.org and others such as knx-assocation.net, KNX-KNX.net, etc.) constitutes a creation protected by copyright, as well as a database on which KNX Association holds the copyright and the rights as producer. All texts, lay-out, drawings, photos, films, graphics and other elements of this site are protected by copyright. Any copy, adaptation, modification, translation, arrangement, communication to the public, location or any other exploitation, of any part or whole of this site, under whichever form or by whatever means, whether electronic, mechanical or by other means, is strictly prohibited, except prior authorisation in writing by KNX Association.   A sui generis right, authorising the producer of a database to prohibit any extraction and/or re-utilisation of any or part of the content of such database, protects the content of such database. Any infringement to these rights is liable of civil and criminal proceedings.    

2. Trademarks and tradenames
All denominations, logos, and other signs used on this site, including the logo and the name of KNX Association, are trademarks and/or tradenames protected by law. KNX Association strictly prohibits any use of those, or of similar signs, except prior authorisation in writing.    

3. Liability for content
This site is created and maintained by KNX Association with the utmost care. However, KNX Association cannot guarantee the exact nature of the information contained in this site. The user agrees that such information, in particular concerning the products offered at sale and their prices, may be modified without prior notice. KNX Association declines all liability for the content of this site, as well as for the use made of such content. KNX Association cannot be held liable for the content or the existence of other sites, to which hyperlinks are created

4. Personalized and behavioral ads 
KNX Association may participate with our marketing partners in behavioral advertising programs for purposes of serving personalized ads based on your interests. This activity is performed by collecting Usage Data and by using cookies and other tracking and data collection methodologies to transfer information to our marketing partners which manage personalized advertising activities.

5. Cookies
KNX Association may also use cookies and other tracking and data collection methodologies to personalize the website to the needs of returning visitors. These mini files or cookies are not used to check the visitor's surfing behavior. Your internet browser allows you to block the use of cookies, you receive a warning when a cookie is installed or to remove your hard disk cookies. Please consult the help function of your internet browser. This data is used anonymously and cannot be linked to a unique person in any way.

6. Custom audiences
KNX Association may participate in Facebook.com's Custom Audience program which enables us to display personalized ads to persons who visit our site or are on our email list when they visit Facebook.com. We provide Personal Information such as your email address and phone number to Facebook to enable Facebook to determine if you are a registered account holder with Facebook. You may opt-out of participation in our Facebook Custom Audience by sending an email, from the email address you are opting out of, to . For your opt-out to be effective, you must: place the following text in the subject line of the email - "Opting Out of Facebook.com Website Custom Audience Ads", and in the body of the email, include your name and email address. We will then make sure that your personal information will be deleted from this Custom Audience.