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About KNX Training Centres

KNX Training

Types of Certified KNX Training Centres

Training Centres can apply for the following types of KNX Certification:

  • Certified KNX Training Centre : Training Centre with or without ISO-9001 certification, which is accredited by KNX Association for the organization of KNX Basic courses.
  • Certified KNX+ Training Centre : Training Centre that is accredited by KNX Association for the organization of Basic as well as KNX Advanced courses.
  • Certified KNX++ Training Centre : Training Centre that is accredited for the organization of KNX Tutor courses.

Advantages of becoming a Certified KNX Training Centre

  • Right to hand out KNX certificates to students after successful exam, after which they can apply for KNX Partnership
  • ETS Lite for your students once registered for the course
  • Rebates for your students when purchasing ETS licenses
  • Considerably reduced price for ETS Professional licenses used in the certified KNX courses
  • Access to constantly updated electronic KNX training documentation.
  • Use of the KNX Training logo (on letter headed paper, envelopes, business cards, etc.)
  • Listing of center in KNX International Database that can be consulted via the KNX Association website (if desired).
  • Free publicity in the KNX Journal upon application
  • Free copies of the KNX Journal for distribution to students
  • Right to participate in the KNX Training Centre Conference organized by KNX Association