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About KNX Scientific Partners

The purpose of this partnership is to establish communication and a mutual information exchange amongst universities, institutes of technology and/or research bodies and members of KNX Association in order:

  • to channel KNX information from KNX Association and its members to the scientific partners. and information on pertinent educative and research initiatives from the partners to KNX Association and its members.
  • to support and enhance the relevant training and education of students.
  • to organise and manage conferences and/or workshops as an important part of the communication means for this Forum.
  • to enable KNX Association and its members to support KNX research and education.

Privileges / Benefits

KNX Association will put the following items at your disposal:

  • Access to the Scientific logo that you may use on advertisement or your KNX-related documents (letter paper, envelopes, business cards etc.)
  • Access to the latest version of the KNX Specifications as well as extensions to the KNX Standard.
  • a copy of the KNX Handbook for Home and Building Control.
  • Your institution will be integrated in an international database that can be consulted via the KNX Association web pages (if desired).
  • You will receive the KNX Journal for free.
  • Right to participate to the KNX Scientific Conference that KNX Association organises in cooperation with their Scientific members.
  • All KNX training documentation: KNX Basic, KNX Advanced and KNX Tutor courses
  • ETS Professional (1 licence)
  • ETS Lite (up to 10 licences)
  • EITT (1 licence)
  • KNX Manufacturer Tool
  • Receive free samples of KNX system electronic components.
    • Manufacturers interested in the development of a KNX product can take recourse to available and certified KNX system components. Free components are made available to you as an institute for research work or student thesis projects.