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KNX Association now offers many webinars to inform you about various KNX-related topics. These are online live presentations about both technical as non-technical matters you can follow from behind your computer and interact if you have questions.

Underneath you can see an overview of all webinars we offer. Click on the webinar title to see more info, dates and registrations.


  • Standard KNX versiunea 2.1 
  • Conţinutul şi explicaţia „cărţii de bucate KNX”, ghidul de dezvoltare KNX pentru dispozitivele KNX Mod S 
  • Versiunea 4 a KNX Manufacturer Tool pentru crearea de intrări în baza de date de produse ETS 
  • Instrumentul KNX Interworking Test Tool EITT 
  • Procesul de certificare KNX pentru dispozitive KNX 

We hope to meet you online soon at one of our webinars!

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Webinar type


Intended for

Group communication & Objects flags + Demonstration

- how KNX devices communicate
- group objects & group addresses
- the role of the (group) object flags
- live demonstration with ETS

Language: English

From: 28-08-2018 10:00
To: 28-08-2018 11:00

Intended for:

ETS5 Professional + live demonstration

In this webinar ETS Professional will be demonstrated:
- how to realize the most basic functions
- how to use the diagnostic features

At the same time also KNX specific features will be explained:
- programming mode
- object flags

Language: English

From: 11-09-2018 10:00
To: 11-09-2018 11:00

Intended for:
- Newcomers

KNX System: understand telegrams recorded by ETS

If you want to know everything about the KNX telegrams, then this is your chance.
This webinar can also serve as practical input for people involved in KNX product development.

- cEMI
- structure and details on all telegram fields
- communication types: broadcast, multicast & unicast
- sequence numbers, TPCI, APCI, etc.

Language: English

From: 02-10-2018 14:00
To: 02-10-2018 15:00

Intended for:
- Developers
- Newcomers

KNX Secure: additional security based on encryption

After this webinar you understand how to make KNX installations even more secure.

- measures prior to encryption
- KNX Secure devices
- secure Group Objects & Group Addresses
- live demonstration: plain vs. encrypted telegrams

Language: English

From: 09-10-2018 14:00
To: 09-10-2018 15:00

Intended for: