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  • A

    Hackers stop at nothing! To effectively protect the digital infrastructure in buildings against attacks, facility planners should already rely on KNX IP Secure during installa-tion. It encrypts data communication in the network and ensures secure transmission of all KNX telegrams. Up to eight tunneling connections can be used for encryption. Using the JUNG KNX IP Interface (IPS 300 SREG), the rooms (for example in hotels or office buildings) are connected to the central visualization system via a fast IP backbone. The KNX IP Interface has an OLED display to show important device parameters. Additionally the device is powered directly from the KNX bus.

    Website: http://www.jung.de

  • C

    ComfortClick has launched a new version of its Jigsaw KNX server for controlling KNX-based smart buildings. In addition to KNX, Jigsaw now supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IKEA, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Satel, and Paradox alarms. All the previously supported systems are also still there, to name a few: Z-Wave, Sonos, Philips Hue, IP cameras, Kodi, Global Caché, IRTrans, and TCP/IP devices. ComfortClick\'s bOS software enables the design of custom user interface, logical operations, scenes, and schedules. Control and monitor your smart building with free bOS Client apps for iOS, Android and Windows or Alexa and Google Assistant.

    Website: www.comfortclick.com

    Built on the latest technology, the KNX power supply 640mA with high efficiency and small size of 4 modules is the perfect base component for each KNX installation. Due to the complete development and production in Germany with the highest quality components, an incomparable reliability is guaranteed. Nevertheless, the cost efficiency required for a frequently used KNX basic component is ensured. An auxiliary voltage connection, diagnostic LEDs and a button for the automatic BUS reset are available.

    Website: http://www.controltronic.com

  • E

    KNX eTR 101 is a room temperature controller for KNX that automatically ensures the desired room temperature and enables individual readjustment via "plus" and "minus" touch surfaces. The simple, intuitive user interface allows use in both private and commercial areas. The real glass surface is both elegant and durable. KNX eTR 101 measures the temperature on site and controls heating and, if necessary, cooling. Single-stage and two-stage systems can be controlled. All settings such as connected systems and target temperatures for the operating modes Comfort, Standby, Eco and Building Protection (KNX-HVAC standard) are made in the KNX application of the room temperature controller.

    Website: http://bit.ly/2GrkLB3

  • G

    Tantron 2.6 inch touch panel is designed with standard EU55mm system, such as GIRA Standard 55, E2, E22, Event, Esprit - JUNG Aplus, Acreation, A500, AS500, as well as built-in human detector and temperature/humidity sensor. It Supports thermostat/ lighting /dimming/ blind (shutter)/ air quanlity / music and Scenes. Up to 4 pages UI that each supports customized icons. For more details, please contact

    Website: http://www.tantron.com.cn/en/touchpannel/stardard55touchscreen_90.html

  • M

    LCM-40/60KN series is a 40W/60W AC/DC constant current mode output LED driver featuring the multiple levels selectable by dip switch and the KNX interface to avoid using the complicated KNX-DALI gateway. LCM-40KN operates from 180~295VAC and offers different current levels ranging between 350mA and 1050 mA. Thanks to the high efficiency up to 90%, with the fan-less design, the entire series is able to operate for -30°C~ +90°C case temperature under free air convection. In addition, LCM-40KN is equipped with push diming and synchronization so as to provide the optimal design flexibility for LED lighting system.

    Website: https://www.meanwell.com/newsInfo.aspx?c=1&i=708&utm_source=KNX_Association&utm_campaign=KNX_ETS&utm_medium=EUPW

  • W

    Secure on IP: KNX IP Security enables secure connection for PCs or visualizations as well as secure routing over IP with full compatibility with existing KNX devices or installations. The new KNX IP Interface 732 secure and KNX IP Router 752 secure are the logical evolution of Weinzierl’s successful KNX IP series. The devices have a compact design with a width of only 18 mm and are powered by the KNX bus. KNX Security can be activated and deactivated as an option in the ETS. The buttons and LEDs on the device allow a local diagnosis of the current operating status and possible communication errors.

    Website: https://www.weinzierl.de/index.php/en/all-knx/knx-devices-en#IP

  • Z

    ZF Friedrichshafen AG presents the worldwide first energy harvesting KNX RF pushbutton module that is configurable via ETS (from ETS5) without a gateway. The module needs no wiring and no batteries and is versatile and easy to integrate – it can be used as a light switch and as a shutter switch. The solution is available in series production and is compatible to off-the-shelf panels and frames for energy harvesting light switch modules but can also be combined with customer-specific design parts. It can be integrated in a TP network using the ETS5 programming and a media coupler which is also available from ZF.

    Website: https://switches-sensors.zf.com/