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  • A

    The KNX Multi station combines 6 binary inputs, six switching outputs, two integrated room temperature controllers and two inputs for temperature sensors in the REG housing, which is just 4 TE wide. This allows a complete office, hotel or hospital room, for example, to be equipped with all the necessary functions. In order to keep the programming effort low despite this high function density, internal group communication between inputs and outputs as well as for logic functions can be used. KNX installations can thus be implemented efficiently and cost-optimised, especially for room-related applications with repetition factor or as a compact solution for entry into smart home installations. https://www.jung.de/en/online-catalogue/350288497/

    Website: http://www.jung.de

  • C

    The Living Emotions® App – The Next Generation KNX Sensor – is the most luxurious sensor replacement with unlimited functionality for smart building control in one single app for iOS. Combined with an Apple Smart Device it enables convenient control and visualization of KNX installations. Choose freely between the simple and clear control from one single room control view in touch sensor design (e.g. for hotel room application) and the structured menu navigation with zones (e.g. in Smart Home). Combine the app with a smart device and the entirely smooth Glass Pad solution for ultra-flat in-wall mounting to create a completely new operating concept for smart building automation. Contact: www.controltronic.com

    Website: http://www.controltronic.com

  • E

    Extendable up to 4 folds, Oria KNX thermostat provides a wide collection of different possibilities in places where both thermostats and programmable buttons are needed simultaneously. With an internal temperature sensor, Oria Thermostat offers multiple operation modes (comfort, night, outdoor, indoor) and fully automatic operation feature (hot-cold transition). Control of HVAC units including VRF-VRV and PI relative, PI on-off (PWM), On/Off, Fan Coil and Split Unit controls are available with Oria. In addition, programmable buttons on Oria thermostats can control lighting, shutter/blind, speakers and more…

    Website: https://eaetechnology.com/en/oria-thermostats/

    The next generation of our reliable control server for KNX installations offers computing power for many years. The integrated bus coupler serves as IP interface for ETS and powers the device directly from the KNX bus. Existing EibPC programs are executable without modification. Encrypted web server, VPN, 65,000 processing objects, telegram recording, emails, and much more is available on the EibPC². Our free EibStudio V4 is the graphical logic and visualization editor and project manager. For experts, text-based programming is possible. A display makes commissioning easy and shows system status and user-defined information. http://enertex.de/e-home.html

    Website: http://www.enertex.de

  • M

    The KAA-4R4V dimming actuator is a 4 channels device with high-quality independent latching relay. A DC 0(1)-10V signal to perform the dimming on the connected driver at each channel. The dimming curve can be adjusted to linear or logarithmic mode which is suitable for all kinds of luminaire. The product specification indicates the maximum number of LED driver per channel which is easy for building planning. KNX system integrators can easily program it through the ETS system, and it can be operated manually via a push button. The compact design with 4 SU(72mm) wide modular makes it suitable for quick and simple installation, and one green LED on each channel for indicating the switching status.

    Website: http://www.meanwell.com/productSeries.aspx?utm_source=KNX_Association&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=KNX_website#tag-6-55

  • P

    The USB-Connector is more than just a classic KNX USB interface. It combines KNX USB interface, IP router and analysis tool in one device. As an integrator you use it to program the KNX network with the ETS. The included software IP router makes a hardware router redundant. The bus monitor is used for analysis and troubleshooting. It logs all telegrams that are transmitted on the KNX bus. Unique filtering capabilities, such as defining and retrieving complex filtering rules, are especially helpful in troubleshooting. For remote maintenance, data can be exported as a CSV file or sent automatically by e-mail.

    Website: https://www.peaknx.com/products/hardware/peaknx-usb-connector.html?___store=english

    In addition to the well-known voice assistants Siri, Alexa and Google Home, the new realKNX AIR now also offers an extremely powerful, offline voice control. Privacy is guaranteed, the voice data stays in the room. Finally, voice control is not dependent on updates or internet accounts, it runs as standalone. The vocabulary is not limited: Any words can be used for room and function names. For operation, neither smartphone nor tablet are needed. realKNX AIR comes with a table microphone/speaker that may be connected through USB or WiFi to the installation. The configuration is done via a standard product database in the ETS software. Thus, no specific configuration knowledge is necessary. realKNX offers visualization, voice, logic and augmented reality and it is always based on exactly one data pool. Find more information visit https://proknx.com/realknx

    Website: http://proknx.com/realknx

  • S

    For more than 13 years Siemens offers the KNX Gamma Training Kit, which is perfectly tailored for all KNX certified trainings. Its great advantage is, that it is compact, transportable and offers a huge number of functions. So KNX training can be carried out at any place and with any topic. Now this kit has again been significantly refurbished, as all panels on the right wing are now fastened by camlock screws which serves for quick swapping of the modules. A constantly growing portfolio of additional theme panels enables the user to learn and test practically every situation in a KNX installation. Own devices can as well easily be integrated. More info: http://www.hqs.sbt.siemens.com/cps_product_data/data/en/support/gtk/GTK_5_1_Information_en_2018.pdf

    Website: http://www.hqs.sbt.siemens.com/cps_product_data/data/en/support/gtk/GTK_5_1_Information_en_2018.pdf

  • V

    Vimar’s KNX range of control units has been recently expanded with the addition of new modules with more functions. The range now includes 2- and 3-module devices in three different versions: without actuator, with actuator or with roller shutter actuator. Specifically, the new control unit with roller shutter actuator is a major technological development, specifically designed to meet current market needs. One of the main novelties of this new control unit is that it can be connected directly to the motor of the shutter, thus allowing for more streamlined and immediate wiring, which makes things easier for the installer who no longer has to connect the wiring to the electrical panel. https://www.vimar.com/en/int/vimar-knx-controls-14705132.html

    Website: http://www.vimar.com/en/int/vimar-knx-controls-14705132.html

  • W

    The KNX IP Multi IO 580 is a universal input and output device with 48 channels for direct connection to KNX IP. Each channel can be configured as input or output. The inputs are designed for floating contacts and can be used to control e.g. lights or blinds. The outputs can control signal LEDs or external coupling relays. With the IO Extensions 590 and 592 from Weinzierl, bi-stable relays and shutter relays are also available. The device is also available as TP version with an integrated USB interface. Both devices offer a fast download via IP or USB. An OLED display on the front allows manual operation. www.weinzierl.de/en/products/580

    Website: http://www.weinzierl.de