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  • G

    This touch screen has a 10. 1"IPS widescreen display and a high definition of 1280x800. With an aluminum housing, it is as thin as 7mm. It is equipped with a built-in web server and mobile app, as well as a built-in camera (CCTV). The home automation connectivity via KNX, together with its intercom function via SIP based on Android OS, makes it a very powerful tool for home automation. www.tantron.com.cn

    Website: http://www.tantron.com.cn

  • H

    The HDL Granite Panels are made of the most regular shapes, rectangles. With careful calculation on the proportion of each rectangle stripe, we make these obvious shapes a unique piece of ornament that naturally fits into your home. We proudly offer the Granite in variety of colors -space gray, rose gold and arctic silver, the premium metal finishing makes it even look better. With the customizable status indicators and backlit icons, the panels can be pre-configured to meet your exact requirements. Beyond that, multiple types of control targets enable you to take control over your home by a simple push of a button, no matter it is lighting, shading, thermostat or scenes all can be activated. Other highlights, the range offers a choice of two standards in size, EU or US, each comes with temperature sensor onboard. https://www.hdlautomation.com/category.php?id=71

    Website: http://www.hdlautomation.com

  • I

    Display pictures of outdoor cameras on the TV when the doorbell rings or fade in your own defined texts, for example "The washing has finished". Send remote control codes via KNX to your Loewe device and replace your remote control with a KNX based visualization. It is also possible that the internet browser of the TV opens via KNX and displays for example "weather.com". Start any scene in the KNX by turning on the TV or take action against burglars and integrate the TV into your presence simulation. Control up to two Loewe TV sets separately. Volume control, program and source selection, parental control, PIP and much more are covered. www.ise.de

    Website: http://www.ise.de

  • L

    The Lime KNX Standard/Universal presence detector impresses by excellent detecting properties for mounting heights of up to 5 m, compact design with built-in bus coupler and by the capability of presence-based constant light control (Universal version). The Universal option has 5 functional blocks that operate independently of each other and to which three PIR sensors may be allocated. Each functional block may be configured for use with the detector. The unit may be optionally set up and operated using an IR remote control. A protective cover made of solid steel is available as an optional part for the detector, to protect the unit against damage, e.g. from thrown balls if it is installed in a sports hall. www.lime-smart.com

    Website: http://www.lime-smart.com

  • M

    The KNX Power Supply KNX-20E is a 640mA power supply with high efficiency and a small footprint of only 3 SU wide (52.5 mm). The device has a bus choke output and additionally extra output for auxiliary power. The -30~+70°C wide temperature operating range can meet all kinds of applications. LED indicators are used in case of normal operation, overload conditions and RESET operation. With over 36 years of industrial power supply experience, KNX-20E is engineered to be a reliable and safe solution for KNX bus environment.

    Website: http://http://bit.ly/MEANWELL-KNX-20E-640