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About KNX Falcon


What is the KNX Falcon SDK?

Falcon Driver Library guarantees your tools access to the KNX bus.

More details

The Falcon Driver Library is the high performance DCOM based library for Windows from KNX. DCOM (Microsoft Distributed Component Object Model) allows the use of Falcon across the LAN. Falcon offers an API (Application Program Interface) for sending and receiving telegrams across the KNX network. Supported are the access through RS 232, USB and Internet.   

Especially programmers are exceptionally well served with the Falcon Driver Library. It lays the tracks for the access to KNX. Aside from the comfortable API, it offers access management for bus devices, for telegrams (group address), physical addresses, device states and much more. The bus access allows the programming of languages like Visual C++, Delphi, Visual Basic and others.

Falcon is used as network connection library for ETS 3 and EITT. Since version 1.23 Falcon offers the IConectionManager, a simple and easy-to-use user interface for the integrator to make and configure the connection between KNX and other media.