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Become a KNX Training Centre

The KNX Certification procedures for Training Centres:

Phase Phase explanation


The interested training centre completes the KNX questionnaire for certification and returns it to KNX Association. The training centre is subsequently registered and has access to the current electronic version of the KNX Training documentation. The “registered “ training centre may convey the KNX technology but are unable to issue certificates that are accepted as a basis for partnership. 

Important: Registration status expires after one year and can be extended!


When the registered training centre has proved compliance to the minimum requirements, it shall be subsequently authorised for the organisation of KNX Basic courses with KNX exam and/or (when applied for) KNX Advanced courses. The authorisation phase is restricted to 2 KNX Basic courses with KNX exam or 2 KNX Advanced courses and lasts one year.

The minimum requirements:

  • Media equipment;
  • Training equipment: devices and components shall be available to realize the following functions: Switching, Dimming, Shutter Control, Coupling of two TP1 lines (couplers must be available for each laboratory working table);
  • ETS software: At least one ETS Professional version installed on the tutor’s PC respectively trainee versions at the available student PCs;
  • For tutor aptitude: at least one (internal or external) tutor shall be in the possession of a KNX Tutor certificate.

Important: An authorized KNX Training Centre may organize two courses concluded with a certificate. 

Important : The tutor shall at any rate have a personal computer. The PC equipment for the students may be rented or brought along to the course by the student him/herself.


Compliance to the ISO 9001 standard is recommended.

On the basis of supplied documentation, the entire set of KNX requirements is checked for compliance.

Note : Training centres that have already been KNX certified for the organisation of KNX Basic courses can apply for extension of their certification to KNX Advanced courses by the submission of documents showing the compliance of the additional requirements.


KNX Association grants the respective KNX certificate after successful assessment of the requested documentation.


When the training centre is certified according ISO 9001, the continued compliance to the requirements is checked by a renewed submission of an ISO 9001 certificate after three years.When the training centre has not been certified according ISO 9001, KNX Association has at any time the right to request documentation at the certified training centre showing the continued compliance to the KNX requirements. These documents must reach KNX at the latest 3 weeks after KNX’ request. KNX Association has the right to organise surprise inspections at Certified KNX Training Centres


Description Cost
Annual fees (update of the training documentation) € 500