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  • 全てのオンライン・セミナーは完全無料で提供されます
  • オンライン・セミナーに参加するには事前に登録する必要があります
  • 参加人数には制限 がありますので、できるだけ早く登録して下さい
  • 登録後、オンライン・セミナーに参加できるリンクを受信します
  • ヘッドホンをお持ちでない場合は、携帯電話からでもオンライン・セミナーに参加できます
  • 頻繁に新しいオンライン・セミナーの日付が更新されますので、定期的にこちらのページをご確認下さい


Webinar type


Intended for

Group communication & Objects flags + Demonstration

- how KNX devices communicate
- group objects & group addresses
- the role of the (group) object flags
- live demonstration with ETS

Language: English

From: 22-01-2019 10:00
To: 22-01-2019 11:00

Intended for:

Presented by ABB- Security in Homes and Buildings with KNX Secure Solution

With a demonstration of encryption effect, and in-depth knowledge about security in smart homes and buildings, this webinar has the following agenda:

- Why is security relevant in buildings?
- Possible ways to attack an installation (IP, TP)
- Types of attacks and consequences, examples
- Who is relevant in terms of security (manufacturer, planner, installer…)
- What can we currently do to protect the installation
o White paper KNX Association
o Examples for installation / devices
o Special solution for hotel segment
- Explanation for KNX Secure
o IP Secure
o Data Secure
- KNX IP Router Secure (and Interface)
o Commissioning, Tunneling Servers, Runtime
o Details (FDSK Key), How implemented for our device, …
o Project Key, ETS handling
o How to include a visualization

Language: English

From: 23-01-2019 10:00
To: 23-01-2019 11:00

Intended for:

ETS5 Professional + live demonstration

In this webinar ETS Professional will be demonstrated:
- how to realize the most basic functions
- how to use the diagnostic features

At the same time also KNX specific features will be explained:
- programming mode
- object flags

Language: English

From: 29-01-2019 14:00
To: 29-01-2019 15:00

Intended for: