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General information

ETS5 is available in the following versions, which cover the needs of all potential users. From the newcomer to the expert! All versions are only available via download in My KNX.

Available ETS5 languages

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Download file information and availability

  • Approximately 55MB (full setup)
  • Executable full setup (.exe)
  • Available only as Download, not on other data medium (e.g. CD)


Version Limitations Download information
ETS5 Demo Maximum of 3 KNX devices per project This version is free of charge and addresses newcomers, i.e. persons wanting to learn about ETS5 without having to pay.
ETS5 Lite Maximum of 20 KNX devices per project This version addresses those persons wanting to create or manage small KNX projects.
ETS5 Professional Full functionality This version addresses those persons wanting to create or manage all possible KNX project sizes: the Professional does not have any limitation as regards functionality.
ETS5 Supplementary Full functionality This version requires at least one ETS5 Professional license and allows working with ETS on 2 computers simultaneously. Please note that one can have only a maximum of 2 supplementary licenses per valid ETS5 Professional license.

Disclaimer: The material provided for download on this web page is property of KNX Association cvba, Belgium. It is provided as is, without any further guarantee, either implicit or explicit. The ETS License Conditions apply.