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Promoveo Touch

Promoveo develops energy management and home automation solutions. Promoveo has developed a unique concept of KNX visualisation where an installation is configured within hours, providing a user interface designed by designers, which combines both energy management and home automation. Promoveo is available in a range of touchpanels from a wireless 8.4˝ model or in-wall 10˝, 12˝, 15˝ and 19˝ versions. All Promoveo Touchpanel versions come with a variety of frame finishes and colours (100 available) together with a back-box for easy in-wall mounting. The touchscreens allow a intuitive control of KNX systems. 

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Promoveo Touch

Contact Details 
Company: Promoveo Technology
Country: United Kingdom
web: www.promoveo-technology.com