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Connecting M-Bus meters to the KNX World

The significant standard for remote reading of meters in Europe is the EN13757-x, „Communication System for Meters and Remote Reading of Meters“ (the so-called M-Bus Standard). The standard defines wired and wireless (868MHz) remote reading of meters. The M-Bus to KNX device is already being applied in practice by several KNX members and is in development for different devices.

The QUNDIS™ AMR System


The All-In Solution for a Remote Readout of Consumption Values 

The KNX compatible QUNDIS™ AMR remote meter readout system consists of a full range of devices for the wireless remote readout of water and heat consumption in apartments and flats. It encompasses various types of heat cost allocators, electronic hot and cold water meters, heat meters, combination heat and cold meters, as well as add-on radio modules for radio-ready mechanical water meters. If necessary, meters foreign to the system, such as meters not operating on the basis of the wireless M-bus standard, may be integrated with the help of a pulse adaptor. In order for a remote radio readout network to be set up, battery or network powered nodes are required. QUNDIS™ AMR provides metered values for consumption billing in an easy, safe and quick manner. It can do so either locally as a walk-by system, at any given WTT16 network node (wire-based or wireless) or from any other location, with readings transmitted via GSM, GPRS, computer or broadband cable networks. It relies on the latest Internet technology and communication routes to relay consumption values from the plant directly to the control or billing system.   

More than 300,000 Apartments Equipped with KNX-Compatible Meters 

 All current generation devices of the QUNDIS™ AMR system use wireless M-bus technology compliant to EN 13757-3 and -4 and compatible with the KNX specification as laid down in Volume 10, Part 3. Equipment of this type has been installed in more than 300,000 apartments and flats in Europe now. The the QUNDIS™ AMR system has been integrated into the KNX environment with the Gammawave building automation system manufactured by Siemens. Consumption data can be read on the Gammawave touch panel.   

Contact:   http://www.qundis.com

Connecting M-Bus meters to the KNX World


The Gateway will be placed between the M-Bus lines and the two-wire KNX system. The Gateway acts as an M-Bus Master. Up to 16 values from up to 8 Mbus devices are supported. The data readout may be done cyclically or on an KNX read telegram.   

Contact:   www.bb-steuerungstechnik.de

The KNX IP controller of the WAGO-I/O-System

KNX IP controller

Together with a serial interface and a level converter, the KNX IP controller of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM can do much more than simply reading M-Bus meters.    

The M-Bus (meter-bus) is used to read different types of utility meters (electricity, heat, water, etc.). Using the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM as a decentralized control system, the M-Bus is connected to the KNX IP controller via both a serial interface module and a level converter from the company RELAY. Evaluating M-Bus telegrams is performed in the internal application via ready-made function modules. In combination with other function blocks, they also allow alarm and limit values to be processed and SMS or emails to be generated. Both meter readings and all further data can be transmitted to the SCADA system by using group addresses either via KNX TP1 or via KNX IP over Ethernet. Furthermore, an integrated web server allows information to be processed graphically, which provides direct access the controller‘s web pages from any web browser and any location.   

Contact:   www.wago.com