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KNX Award 2016

all KNX Award 2016 winners

The KNX Award Ceremony started out 18 years ago as a relatively modest event at a KNX trade fair stand; since then it has metamorphosed into a spectacular party – the "TOP Event", part of Light & Building, the world’s biggest trade fair for light and building technology. This year eight companies received prizes at the ceremony, the culmination of a selection process that started with companies from 67 different countries sending in details of their KNX projects for consideration – roughly a third more than in 2014. Of these projects, the judges found 35 to be worthy of nomination. In total the KNX TOP Event attracted 2000 guests from 80 countries worldwide. Let us run through the happy winners of the different KNX awards 2016:

  • Casle Biljoen

    A residential Project by Hevac Controls (The Netherlands)

    Category Prize: International - Europe

  • Alibaba Beijing Office Block

    A commercial Project by Hangzhou D-Haus Technology (China)

    Category Prize: International - Asia

  • Melbourne Super House

    A residential Project by Sagar Smart Homes (Australia)

    Category Prize: International - Africa, America, Australia

  • Samsung International Show Room

    A commercial Project by TROnik (Mexico)

    Category Prize: Publicity

  • Feuerwehrstützpunkt Forsthaus West Bern

    A commercial Project by Bering AG (Switzerland)

    Category Prize: Special

  • La Verda Suites and Villas-Dubai Marina

    A commercial Project by Total Automation (United Arab Emirates)

    Category Prize: Energy Efficiency

  • EFdeN

    An educational Project by Asociata Solar Decathlon Bucuresti (Romania)

    Category Prize: Young

  • Werkhof TBGN

    A commercial Project by Soltris GmbH (Switzerland)

    Category Prize: People's Choice