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Manufacturer Tool - Requirements


Operating Systems Hardware KNX Network Interfaces

Windows 7/8/8.1/10; .NET4.5 (x32/x64)

CPU: ≥ 2 GHz
RAM: ≥ 2 GB
HDD: ≥ 3 GB
RES: ≥ 1024 x 768

No KNX bus access required
Internet access required for check on Manufacturer Tool updates

The underneath may be optionally installed, the  Manufacturer Tool  is however executable also without them.

Tool Environment Comment Version

Visual Studio©

In case one wishes to integrate the Manufacturer Tool in an already installed Visual Studio© 2012/2013
Remark:    If integration is not desired or not possible, a standalone Visual Studio© 2013 “Shell” Version (IDE only) is included in the setup.

Visual Studio© 2012/2013 Professional (and higher versions)

  • Not C#, VB… “Express” version


For spelling checking of entered texts

MS Word 2007 (SP2) or MS Word 2010 or MS Word 2013

An explicit release of Manufacturer Tool with above mentioned operating systems  in a virtual environment  (such as Virtual PC®; VM Ware®) is not foreseen. On these systems you work is on your own risk. Warranty and support will not be given by KNX Association here.