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Manufacturer Tool - Features

Features Version 5.0

The Manufacturer Tool version 5 covers all functionality of version 4. Additionally following functionality is added (extract):

  • Intelligent copy of existing application parts from existing applications to other ones
  • Creation/ correction of translation on ETS3 products
  • Definition of KNX RF System Mode product databases for ETS5
  • Complete integrated workflows on product certification without external tools [Excel]
  • Improved preview of ETS parameter dialog
  • Improved performance on project check or copy operations
  •  …

Features Version 4.1

  • Creation of product data for line- coupler with full supported group address range.
  • Creation of product data for System B devices for optimizing the “initial/ first” download.
  • View of ETS3 and ETS4 parameter dialog in one MT4 project (product target ETS3).
  • Several user interface enhancements
  • Much more!

Features Version 4.0

  • Fully independent tool, no extension to ETS3 (workspace) anymore.
  • Selectable ETS target version, creation of product database entries for ETS3 + ETS4 possible.
  • Integration of the KNX Manufacturer Tool in already available (or supplied) Visual Studio © 2010 IDE integrated development environment (IDE), usage of all functions known from IDE (window configuration, output window, task list, coupling with software version management system, scripts, etc.)
  • Integration of external tools via the menu toolbar.
  • KNX product parameter dialog preview.
  • Improved copy functions for the quick creation of new product parts (so-called smart copy & update).
  • Product report for product documentation, own report definitions possibly.
  • Extended definition of product specific test criteria for timely failure recognition during the product development process.
  • Interface for integration into (automated) development process, completely controllable via command line.
  • Possibility of complete product translation into several languages within the KNX Manufacturer Tool including external interface (TMX¹, XLIFF²) to commercial translation tools.
  • Optional spell checker when Microsoft © Word installed on same computer.

ETS products with so-called Plug Ins are often developed with Visual Studio © in.NET or COM technology. An advantage of the new Manufacturer Tool is the possibility to create, analyze and test the KNX product database entries in the same IDE. 


¹  Translation Memory eXchange 
²  XML Localization Interchange File Format