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About Manufacturer Tool

KNX Manufacturer Tool


The Manufacturer Tool is the central and manufacturer independent tool for the creation of KNX conform product database entries. KNX manufacturers need the tool in order to:

  • create and test ETS product database entries
  • have these product database entries certified by KNX Association

After certification by KNX manufacturers provide such product database entries as downloadable product catalogs, mostly through the Internet. Only after import of this data into ETS will products be available for project commissioning.   

The Manufacturer Tool is available for KNX members only.


In order to sell KNX devices, it's necessary to perform at least the following development steps:

  1. In-house development of KNX hardware (or external acquisition via OEM).
  2. Development of KNX software running on this hardware A KNX device sold to end customers is usually the combination of 1 and 2.
  3. Development/creation of an ETS product database entry for the KNX device.

This step is performed with the Manufacturer Tool.    The product database entry contains all configuration data, i.e. the necessary information needed by ETS to configure and properly load the device via the KNX bus.    Product database entries can be made available as download on the company website or can be distributed electronically ETS App Online KNX Product Catalog , CD-ROM and Email ).  

A single “product database” entry is also called a 'Catalog' entry.   

In preparation for ETS4/5, the Manufacturer Tool is also capable of creating products for different ETS target versions, i.e. for both ETS4, ETS5 as well as naturally for ETS3 The newly developed Manufacturer Tool   is an integrated part of Visual Studio © 2013 IDE and uses that environment.

KNX Manufacturer Tool process