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About iETS Server

iETS Server


iETS Server is a gateway (or interface) between KNX and IP, using the EIBlib/IP protocol (so NOT KNXnet/IP) It allows iETS clients (such as ETS 3) to connect to the KNX network. With iETS, the person who is technically responsible for an KNX installation may use the ETS to access the system remotely.

More details

The iETS Server is a KNX interface that is intalled as part of the installation and which allows the user to connect to KNX networks through the LAN or Internet. iETS server allows remote programing or diagnostics via IP (Internet Protocol).The KNX Association offers the iETS Server as Windows program and some of our member companies offer this iETS Server as KNX certified devices.   

iETS is a helpfull tool that offers assistance for installers, service providers, facility managers, service providers, facility managers, owners or users for monitoring trouble shooting, upgrades and much more. Oftentimes the long trip to the site to fix a malfunction or to make changes can be avoided.