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Version 4.1.7 - Build 3547

Release date : 18 September 2013

1. What's new?

New features:

  • N/A


  • Besides specified TP couplers now also IP coupler can manage the full Group Address filter table range (manufacturer should support this explicitly, e.g. with a new product database)
  • Memory allocation reduced on creating some report type

2. What has to be considered ?

  • N/A

3. Solved Problems

  • Text (e.g. for visualization) will be downloaded correctly into a device also on other code pages rather than ISO 8859-1 (e.g. Cyrillic ISO 8859-5)
  • Projects with dummy devices and hence this a lot of group addresses do not cause a memory system overflow on report creation
  • Navigation with cursor within the tree view under Windows 8 (.NET 4.5) again possible
  • Changed column configuration in monitor is considered in the workplace as „changed“ and saved as well
  • On project export under Windows XP in some circumstances a file without file extension is created; this problem is solved
  • Displaying of products texts from Online KNX Product Catalog is done in the ETS Import Wizard also in the correct language
  • If an ETS App is saved within the ETS workplace but for any reason is later on no longer licensed, at the next start of ETS its user interface will be cleaned-up accordingly

4. Download

  • New installations (setup) : Download and install version 4.1.5 from My KNX and subsequently online update of ETS.
  • Existing installations: Via ETS4 online update.