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Version 4.0.2 - Build 1854

Release date : 18 April 2011

1. What's new?

New features:

  • Independent ETS setting for ETS and KNX product language (to view products in another language than ETS4).
  • On selective import of catalogs the chosen product language is shown for those products.
  • Link with Group Address dialog allows searching within all Group addresses


  • Better separation between “links” and “editable elements” within the favourite panel.
  • Clicked (panel) items are better focused within the tree.
  • Messages improved when dragging elements to non allowed sections.
  • Progress bar on product export more detailed.
  • Read/ write of value directly possible at the Group Object.
  • Takeover of Group Address name (alternatively to description) into the Group Object description.

    2. What has to be considered ?

    • N/A

    3. Solved Problems

    • Open of last used database sometimes failed on ETS4 start-up.
    • Multi-selection in “commissioning” tab  now uses only the selected items.
    • Non active selections in other panels become grey.
    • Filtering in monitor works now in same way as in panels (usage of  “” in filter).
    • Delayed sending of telegrams (when sending only one time).
    • Disappeared To Do items now handled correctly  in the sidebar (e.g. when for a To Do item  the “visibility” was changed in between).
    • Sidebar properties shown correctly when changing between several tabs within a panel.
    • Number of chokes/ power supplies (integrated devices) on ETS project check now calculated correctly.

    4. Download

    • New installations (setup) : Not possible anymore
    • Existing installations: Not possible anymore

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