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Version 4.0.1 - Build 1771

Release date : 4 November 2010

1. What's new?

New features: 

  • N/A


  • Use of clipboard keyboard shortcuts while in-place editing (CTRL+C & CTRL+V keeps now the data in list view).
  • Detection of possibly compressed “Program Files” folder during  the ETS4 installation.
  • Handling of IP bus connections during temporary connection loss.
  • Better support of IP bus interfaces with multiple concurrent connections.
  • ETS4 behaviour on importing partly corrupt databases or projects.
  • Creation of data bases on some operating systems, not using per default the western European character set

    2. What has to be considered ?

    • N/A

    3. Solved Problems

    • Group Address description in associations list corrected (was device object description)
    • Project import on special plug-in devices, do not have assigned an IA
    • Group Address import,  special character “+” in name was omitted

    4. Download

    • New installations (setup) : Not possible anymore
    • Existing installations: Not possible anymore

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