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Version 4.2 - Build 3884

Release date : 1 September 2014

1. What's new?

New features:

  • New parameter types for manufacturer specific product reasons (requires products with native ETS4 product database)


  • Update of ETS dongle driver to a newer version
  • Extend of diagnosis wizard with more system information,   Plug In version
  • Error messages when trying to import projects form a higher ETS(5) version
  • Improved and optimised handling of computer memory (RAM) allocation on special ETS App uses cases

2. What has to be considered ?

  • N/A

3. Solved Problems

  • Wrong reset of GRP flag in conjunction with Plug In use
  • Crash on adding an Group Object with an existing Group Address of type x/y/255
  • Exporting projects with project status “Finished commissioning” now works correctly
  • Local download of IP devices with mask 57B0 over its own “management”

4. Download

  • New installations (setup): Download and install version 4.1.5 from My KNX and subsequently online update of ETS.
  • Existing installations: Via ETS4 online update.