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Manufacturer Product Databases

ETS product data

The first step of any KNX project is to make sure that the ETS product data of all KNX devices that you intend to use in these projects are imported in ETS. You can obtain ETS product data indirectly as download from the manufacturer website, or directly via the ETS Online Catalog App. In case of doubt, please get in touch with the manufacturer(s)!

About the ETS product data formats

Export: only the ETS5 format (.knxprod) is supported.
Import: ETS5 supports the following ETS product data formats:



Format / File Type



vd = Products
pr = Projects
db = ETS2 database




vd = Products
pr = Projects
db= ETS3 database




knxprod = Products, till master data scheme 11 (*)
knxproj = Projects, till master data scheme 11 (*)




knxprod = Products, from master data scheme 12 or higher (*)
knxproj = Projects, from master data scheme 12 or higher (*)


(*) master data scheme: the version of the XML structure used inside the file.

Important remark

Please note that ETS formats from newer ETS versions cannot be imported into older ETS versions; i.e. ETS5 project/product files cannot be imported into ETS4 (although they have the same file type extension).