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ETS5 Professional

The newest version for all application areas

ETS5 Professional is the powerful successor to ETS4. ETS5 Professional offers the required functionality for the realization of home and building automation projects during the following phases and for performing the following tasks

  • Project Planning & Design
  • Commissioning
  • Project Documentation
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting  

ETS5 is a completely redesigned ETS-generation. Besides the new user interface, many new functions are introduced that further optimize working with KNX. One ETS5 Professional allows composing solutions for all application areas, for which ETS-ready products are offered by KNX members. Using ETS5 Professional empowers your business – not only technologically, but above all commercially. Application areas include:

  1. Lighting control (switching; dimming; “mood lighting”)
  2. Shading control (shutters; blinds)
  3. Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (individual room temperature control; control of radiators, thermal units, boilers, coolers, fans, …)
  4. Access & security (presence detection; burglary and fire detection and alarm; presence simulation; panic switch)
  5. Energy management (consumption metering; load shedding; …)
  6. Comfort functions and intelligent control across all applications (central user control; combined scenarios; intelligent process control; …)
  7. Remote control and remote maintenance (e.g. via phone or Internet)
  8. Interfacing to complementary or peripheral systems (white goods; supervision consoles; facility management; dedicated security systems; audio; multimedia; services; …)
  9. and more!