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About ETS Apps

What are the ETS Apps?

There are apps for iPhone, for smart phones, for tablet PCs – and now there are new KNX apps for the Engineering Tool Software ETS. In principle, the ETS Professional is sufficient for users wishing to install and configure KNX systems. Just as for mobile phones, users may however wish additional functionality when applying KNX. With the concept of the ETS Apps, the KNX Association has found a perfect solution. ETS remains open for future wishes of users and technical developments.

Compatibility is ensured

The apps will be developed by KNX members. Individual apps can be created thanks to the provided API, which already includes many basic functions. This allows for nearly limitless creative ideas. However, compatibility of the entire system is maintained as all apps have to be validated by the KNX Association and will be exclusively available via My KNX only. Owners of ETS wishing additional functionality only need to download, install and license the apps to enjoy the extras.

Customized flexibility

With the ETS apps, KNX presents a concept to adapt the Engineering Tool Software ETS to the growing worldwide demands. ETS can be customized to individual needs while maintaining compatibility. Especially KNX experts will profit from the transparency and faster configuration offered by these extra tools. Also, KNX members can now tailor their own apps according to the different features of their products and become even more flexible. Apps can be activated via an ETS license.

System Requirements

ETS Apps are ETS extensions. In order to be able to use them, the following requirements apply:

  •  An installed and running ETS 4.1 (or higher), the system requirements for ETS5/ETS4 and the ETS Apps.
  • An installed ETS5/ETS4 Professional/Supplementary or Lite license. ETS Apps cannot be used in an ETS Demo version.
  • Each ETS App requires a specific license, this license can be obtained via My KNX.

Remark : Some ETS Apps can have extra requirement like internet access, a specific database server or a specific printer. These extra requirements are therefore under the responsibility of the ETS App developer and can be found here .


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