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Become an ETS App Developer

Who can become an ETS App Developer?

The first step for a developer to join the ETS App world is to become a member of KNX Association. Any company or individual person involved in the development of software can become an ETS App developer. Anyone who wants to provide to the KNX community his software development experience or his ideas about extending ETS functionality in order ETS to work more efficient, is welcome.

ETS App development procedure

Have you already got an idea for an ETS App? You have already been innovative! Then you are ready to start!

Phase Phase Explanation Estimated Time

Start your ETS App development

Create an account in My KNX and download the ETS Software Development Kit (ETS SDK) and the Tutorial for using the ETS App Validation Tool.

Cannot be estimated

Become a KNX Member

When you become a KNX Member you get all the necessary technical support to start developing your ETS App. We will assist you in any issue that you might have.

3 to 15 days

Apply for ETS App Developer Profile

When you are ready to test your ETS App, apply to KNX in order to change your status to ETS App Developer and get access to ETS App Validation Tool.

3 to 15 days

Upload & Validate your ETS App

Once your ETS App has been finalized, upload it and ask for validation in order for the App to become available in My KNX. Only validated ETS Apps can be installed and used in the ETS. That prevents from unauthorized use of your ETS Apps. However, when your ETS App is validated, you can either select to keep it ‘private’; i.e. only for your own use, or make it ‘public’, so that everybody is able to download and use it.

3 to 5 days

Start selling your ETS App

From now on, you can offer your ETS App amongst others via My KNX!


ETS App development costs

Below are the costs for an ETS App Developer:

Name of payment Amount in Euro Type of payment

Become KNX Member

€ 1 000

Annually; minimum ‘Interested Party’ category (stated price applies to companies with less than 100 staff members worldwide), but joining in a different category is also possible. Please Consult all the types of membership.

Access to the ETS App Validation Tool

€ 1 000

One Off Payment

Validation of an initial ETS App

€ 900

For every new to be validated* ETS App

Validation of an upgraded ETS App

€ 250

For every upgraded to be validated* ETS App

Validation of an updated ETS App

€ 25

For every updated to be validated* ETS App

Validation of a commercial or technical repackaging of an ETS App

€ 45

For every repackaging of an existing ETS App

Fee for every payable ETS App

25 % of the customer’s price

For every sold ETS App; however with a minimum amount of € 1 000 per year for companies with less than 100 staff members worldwide and € 2 000 for companies with more than 100 staff members worldwide.

ETS App developer reimbursement for sold ETS Apps

Every quarter – or deviating from this, at least after a gross turnover of € 5 000, KNX Association makes available to the Licensee a turnover report. The turnover report entitles the Licensee to invoice KNX Association. KNX Association invoices the Licensee the costs related to the sale of free ETS- Apps. In mutual agreement, such costs may also be deducted by the Licensee from the before-said own invoicing.

ETS App sales and support

The support for ETS Apps is always handled by MyKNX. Therefore, ETS App developers will have support via their individual ETS App developer account for their sold ETS Apps, but also for development issues. Moreover, the after sales support for ETS Apps is also included and offered via MyKNX. We take care of all sales and support activities for you, simplifying the whole sales & support procedure.