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KNX Award Special

Two extraordinary projects with absolutely different benefits were awarded in this category: 

BASTEC s.a.r.l. from Strassen, Luxembourg, used KNX to equip the cruiser “MS Belle De l’Adriatique” with devices for standard and emergency lighting. The system is designed to provide central lighting control, changeover of lighting to emergency diesel power followed by undervoltage supply. Furthermore the mood lighting of the dance floor depending on the music can be changed by a mixer. The project shows the great benefits KNX has to offer also to shipbuilders. 

Schäcke Elektrohandelsgesellschaft m.b.H. from Salzburg, Austria, was commissioned by the town council of Salzburg to install public lighting. Relying on only 15 KNX components it optimized the operation of the street lights of the city of Salzburg by automation. The redundant system switches the 19,000 lights of a total performance of 2.9 MW on and off at specified outdoor light levels. Different additional functions allow major energy savings and ensure safe operation. KNX was used because it simply exchanges commands between two control locations over a distance of 300 m and was by far the most economical solution of all variants.