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EIB-Tech Helmut Lintschinger from Andechs, Germany, used KNX to reduce energy costs at the Munich headquarters of Infineon by 25%. This office location with 6,500 workstations, which the company moved into in 2006, was upgraded in following years with KNX for lighting and solar shading, with a central visual display incorporating more than 10,000 KNX devices. Initially the visual display was used for central functions such as optimisation of the building’s solar shading control, and the switching of the outdoor lighting. In 2008, however, it was upgraded again to create a complete energy management system. Now, for example, it turns the corridor and stairwell lights off according to the brightness outdoors, and limits the time for which the lights stay on in the toilets. Measurements show that these changes have significantly reduced energy use, and as a result the KNX energy management system is now being further extended to cover more areas.