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KNX Award Energy Efficiency

Andromeda Telematics Ltd . from Surrey , United Kingdom, won the KNX Award Energy Efficiency for its KNX system installed in the Oundle school at Peterborough north of London. By winning the KNX Award for the second time (first in 2006) it shows its extraordinary expertise in using KNX for all trades on the basis of high functionality and efficiency. The design/structure and automated control system of the school were sustainably optimized. Using KNX all trades were integrated, from permanent light control, emergency lighting, window ventilation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, solar collectors, photovoltaics to energy management and monitoring. This allows cable-saving installation as well as a single building control system that can be serviced and maintained by the school’s own team of technicians. All devices are rationally operated by web browser-capable visualization. The synergies generated by the different trades through one system and the use of sensors such as presence detectors and CO 2 sensors maximize energy efficiency and drastically reduce CO 2 emissions – already during construction due to smart installation and less devices.