Coordination & Networking

"Energy efficiency is generally an issue, and the lighting planners have noticed that… we are probably affected by the fact, that anyone can see the light, anyone who passes the building, can see that the light is on, but for example not, that the air conditioning is running. To save energy and to develop intelligent and efficient concepts, we must mainly focus on the life span, on the availability of operating systems, that offer use in these areas and turn on the light, there where it’s needed. With the construction or redevelopment of buildings, the first question always is, whether lighting planners should be needed.... it’s a big problem, and probably it’s also the conflict that we always face – it’s a good conflict, for it leads to creativity and energy! – the conflict, that we must develop something on the artistic, architectural level, but on the other hand to found it on a technical base, so that it actually works".