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Neutral Energy Consumption

«. . . the whole situation is, certainly, lighting, which defi nes much cosiness. A very important point is the outside view – a reference to the surroundings. Then the acoustics of a room – a very important point. Nowadays a very big subject: how much noise can I tolerate?»   

«I am, in general, of the opinion that the shell of a building has the same function as human beings’ skin. I am of the opinion that differentiating between the façade and the building is irrelevant and that it should be a single factor.»  

«The static façade has gone in favour of a dynamical façade. People in the space industry are now talking about using textiles in the living quarters. . . . When you look at what these textiles can do, what they achieve: that one even thinks about using these materials for façade, a crazy idea – maybe longterm we will be living in tents!»   

«. . . for me it’s obvious, that the system may not control the people, it simply is there silently in the background, I don’t really care. . . . either we use speech recognition, so one can simply go in and say: I want room to heat up or cool down or I want more light.»