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Life cycle costs

"The sustainability is in three areas: society, the world of business and the environment. The situation here is that we behave in such a way that the next generation can live in these three areas. The central point is most certainly the well-being of the people who live in these buildings. When a person feels good, when cosiness is present, then that person will look after it and everything will belong to
society’s sustainability."

"The façade is the most important part of the building’s shell. It divides the outside from the inside, that means, the complete loss of heat through the shell of the building is, of course, via the façade. This could provide a very big contribution. The façade must also, of course, protect against too much heat in the summer – it has, therefore, various functions."

"As we are today aware, the life cycle costs are, after 15-20 years, as high as the construction costs. Furthermore, the life cycle costs are continuous. And here the principle of provision is applicable: we should build in such a way that the life cycle costs are not too high for the next generation. Otherwise we will not be able to operate these building any more.The life cycle costs are, in my opinion, of central importance in regard to economics.If I were to now try to reduce the subsequent costs, life cycle costs, then I may possibly have a slightly higher investment but there will be less maintenance costs.We want to show: if you build a building which has certain sustainability criteria, then this will be profitable in the long run!"