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ambiento 16Wmura

The new KNX ambiento16Wmura provides low energy consumption and various design options. The 16 inch touch panel is designed in the ergonomic 16:9 format. With the energy saving LED backlight and the 1.1 GHz Intel Atom CPU the fanless touch panel has a power consumption of only 12 Watts. The ambiento09Wmura with 9 inch display is consuming only ten Watts. Microphone and loudspeakers with echo cancellation allows hands free intercom. With a selfdeveloped baseboard tci reduces the number of cable connections in the panel to a minimum and reaches thereby maximum reliability. With the front in glass, wood or acrylic glass, the touch panels fit into every ambience.     

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ambiento 16Wmura

Contact Details
Company: tci - Gesellschaft für technische Informatik mbH
Country: Germany
web: www.tci.de