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TouchControl ETS6C

The TouchControl ETS6C is a multifunctional KNX device for the control and display of up to 110 standard functions and a host of special functions for direct connection with KNX. It is based on a high-quality 5,7˝ TFT colour display with touch screen. The standard functions can be operated via up to ten pages that can be created by the programmer. Time schedule programmes with any time switch points can be defined for all functions. For all status-value functions a graphical trend view is available. Up to 76 alarms can be displayed through an alarm page. The user can set scenes and logic programmes, as well as presence simulation directly on the screen. Connection to KNX:

  • Twisted Pair
TouchControl ETS6C

Contact Details
Company: Ipas GmbH
Country: Germany
web: www.ipas-products.com/gamma