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Kairos 4,3

Kairos ultraflet touch panels with KNX integrated BCU. Available in 3 different sizes on a 16:9 screen: 4,3˝, 7˝, 12˝. Crafted in alluminium case, with direct ETS import, RS232/485 and Ethernet connection, audio and video inputs for intercom integration. Supervision software (Sentiero) is provided with the panel and allows the communication with the panel via Internet for Remote connection. The auxiliary ports can be interfaced with audio or security systems. The software integrates a tool for the control of the electrical system with over current protection and consumptions/status management. Connection to KNX:

  • Twisted Pair
Kairos 4.3

Contact Details
Company: Eelectron S.p.a.
Country: Italy
web: www.eelectron.com