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Residential Buildings

KNX is the foundation for all applications within home automation:

KNX is Lighting Control

  • Central lighting controlled in the house and garden.
  • Choice of different lighting scenarios or individual dimming available.  

KNX is Blind and Shutter Control

  • Control of blinds and shutters with regards to wind, brightness and rain.
  • Put the control of blinds and shutters on a time schedule.

KNX is Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Control

  • Automatic and optimized heating control according to room usage or the needs of the inhabitants.
  • Windows will be opened according to requirements.
  • The ventilation system reacts to the presence of people in the room.
Heating (HVAC)
 Air Conditioning Control (HVAC)
Ventilation (HVAC)

KNX is Audio/Video Control

  • Remote control of music from everywhere within the house.
  • Remote control for every single room.

KNX is Operation and Visualisation

  • Presentation and operation of all systems in the house via a wall mounted display.
  • Easy visualisation and integration of audio-systems and monitoring cameras.

KNX is Security and Safety

  • Reporting of open or broken windows and doors, burglary, smoke emission etc.
  • Camera monitoring of the entrance.
  • Deterrence of potential break-ins by switching on the entire home lighting system (panic mode).
  • Simulation of an occupied home through control of lighting and blinds set on a timer.