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CYE 2010

Dear participant and expert of Competition of Young Electricians 2010,   

Welcome to the KNX website where you can download all necessary material to be used during the European Competition of Young Electricians.
You will find important information about your KNX Product database (and plug-in to be used), as well as the latest version of the software EST3 (f version).   

During the practical part of your competition, you will need to make a KNX Project, and thus you will need to use a Database. We have prepared a database which includes all material for your contest. please be so kind to download the following material:

More practical information: It is mandatory that you have the latest version of the KNX software: ETS. The Engineering ToolSoftware (ETS) is the unique manufacturer independent Tool Software to design and configure intelligent home and building control installations made with the KNX system. Below you will find the latest version of this tool. Therefore, please in case you don´t have the latest version installed in your computer, please click on the following link in order to download it:

NOTE: the word GANG means CHANNEL in KNX. It is the same meaning.