Partner usage conditions


  1. KNX Association cvba (hereafter referred to as KNX) owns the KNX and EIB LOGO (hereinafter referred to as the LOGO). The LOGO is registered in a number of countries.
  2. KNX is interested in making the system, symbolized by the LOGO, as well-known as possible and in spreading its reputation.
  3. The partner is a contractor, carrying out training and/or planning and/or installation and/or maintenance thereby using KNX certified products.
  4. The partner has attended a certified training centre and has gained the necessary specialist knowledge on the KNX-System. By using the LOGO, he wishes it to be known that he is qualified to work with the KNX-System.

In witness whereof, KNX and the Partner have concluded the following contract, which comes into effect by the signature of the applicant on this form

1. The parties` rights and obligations

The partner is granted the non-exclusive, gratuitous and non-transferrable right to use the LOGO in connection with the performance of his professional activities for the duration of the present agreement. The form and scope of this right are mentioned in the ‘Use and application of the partner logo’ brochure, which forms an integral part of this agreement. 

The partner shall not be granted personal rights to the trademark. He shall only use it to characterize his professional activity and shall not register the Mark or a part thereof as a Trademark or as (a part of) his tradename.. 

The partner shall agree to update his knowledge of the KNX technology so as always to be aware of its recent developments.

2. Duration of the agreement and termination

The contract is concluded for an unlimited period. It can be terminated by either party (without legal action) in writing, thereby giving 6 months' notice. The termination of the contract has to be done in writing and per registered mail. 

The right to terminate the contract for important reasons and without giving notice is upheld. The case where the partner ceases all professional activity involving the KNX-System is considered by KNX as an important reason to terminate the contract. 

After expiry of the contract, the partner is no longer entitled to use the LOGO. The partner agrees to remove at his cost all the signs and lettering (including those in the company`s premises or on company vehicles) and not to take out any advertisements and to stop using the LOGO in all commercial correspondence, brochures and all other advertising material. 

In the event of a breach of any of the present contract`s provisions, the partner agrees to pay a fine of Euro 2 500.

3. Miscellaneous

The partner may not transfer the rights and obligations, in full or in part, arising from the present contract to third parties without prior written approval from KNX. For all modifications or additions to the present contract to be valid, these will have to be made in writing. The Courts of Law of the place where KNX has its registered offices are deemed competent to settle all disputes.