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About KNX Members

You can apply for KNX Membership if your company is a manufacturer, service provider or interested party and is interested in:

  • Using the KNX technology in your product development.
  • KNX certified products and having access to the technical development support line.
  • Furthering the KNX technology by having the possibility to participate actively in the KNX technical working groups.
  • Profiting from the common communication around KNX as worked out in the KNX marketing groups (active participation also possible).

Membership categories

Entities that comply with the relevant stipulations as given in the  Articles of Association  and the  Internal Rules of the Association  can become a member of KNX Association. The following categories exist:

Features Shareholder Licensee -Royalty based license fee Interested Party


Yes No No

Access to KNX Specifications & Tools

Yes Yes Yes

Access to KNX Certification (KNX Logo on Product)

Yes Yes No

Free use of KNX patent pool on KNX technology

Yes Yes No

Take part in the decision process (General Assembly & Working Groups)

Yes No (only as guest) No (only as guest)

Access to all information and services provided by KNX Association

Yes Yes Yes


  • To behave in a manner compatible with the Mission and Objectives of the Association - as defined in the Articles of Association.
  • Insofar as they are not interested party, to comply with the product conformity and certification regulations of KNX Association - as in the conformity and certification sections of the KNX Specifications.
  • To pay the annual or royalty based fees in full and in a timely manner.
  • In respect of any debts incurred by KNX Association, shareholders shall have limited liability - that is to say limited to the amount of the purchased shares and annual fees due. The same applies for licensees, where their liability is limited to the annual license fees or to the interested Party, where their liability is limited to the annual member fee.
  • Insofar as they have already entered into an IPR License Agreement and a Trademark License Agreement with the Association, members must comply with the terms of these agreements.


The Management Board may modify the list of activities included in the membership fees - subject to ratification by the General Assembly
A. Association activities:

  • Promotion of the Bus Standard
  • Maintenance and development of the Bus Standard
  • The handbook
  • Support to members for the interpretation of the Standard
  • Standardisation activities
  • IPR management
  • Administration

B. Tools activities:

  • Development of KNX tools
  • Sale and support of KNX tools

C. Activities offered by third parties

  • Conformity tests for products 

Manufacturer Code

Each Member (except interested parties) will be assigned on their request a Manufacturer Code that shall be used to uniquely identify their products.   

In order to avoid Manufacturer Codes being unnecessarily assigned, (e.g. in the case of a Member that is not yet active in the market), a Member shall only apply for its Manufacturer Code shortly before it intends to actually launch products on the market.