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ETS5 Prices

For running any type of ETS5 license (except for the demo), a dongle is required. The underneath stated prices include the required dongle, however do not include the extra fees that are given the general conditions.

New licenses

Version Price Restrictions
ETS5 Demo free Maximum 5 KNX devices per project.
ETS5 Lite € 200,- Maximum of 20 KNX devices per project.
ETS5 Professional € 1000,- Full functionality
ETS5 Supplementary € 150,- Maximum 2 licenses are allowed per ETS5 Professional license
School Starter Package* € 1200,- 1 x ETS5 Professional, 10 x ETS5 Lite, 1 ETS Inside

Upgrade licenses

Version Price Restrictions
ETS3 Professional to ETS5 Professional € 560,-
ETS3 Supplementary to ETS5 Supplementary € 130,- Maximum 2 licenses are allowed per ETS5 Professional license
ETS3 Trainee to ETS5 Lite € 170,-
ETS4 Professional to ETS5 Professional € 350,-
ETS4 Supplementary to ETS5 Supplementary € 110,- Maximum 2 licenses are allowed per ETS5 Professional license
ETS4 Lite to ETS5 Lite € 150,-
ETS5 Lite to ETS5 Professional € 800,-

*Only for schools, training centres and other educational institutes. Limited to one offer per school.

Educational licenses

  • Educational licenses are intended for usage by schools for the training of students.
  • Usage of these licenses for projects or commercial use is not permitted!
  • Special conditions are given to schools. For information, please contact the KNX Sales Department.
  • KNX Certified Training Centres are eligible to other rebates.

Bulk licenses

Bulk licenses (=volume or mass) from 5 licenses of ETS5 Professional onwards, or equivalent amount in one single order, please contact the KNX Sales Department to provide you with an offer.

General Conditions

  • The price info given on this page is for information only.
  • KNX Association reserves the right to modify prices without prior warning
  • In case of differences, the price mentioned in the KNX proforma invoice always applies
  • Please contact Sales Department for the most up-to-date prices
  • In addition to the prices below the following fees have to be paid per invoice:
    Service fee of 15 € : Via Registration you gain free access to first level of “product handling or licensing support” by KNX Association for all the licenses on the invoice. You may submit your questions on ETS in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish but only via My KNX.
    VAT (Value Added Tax) for companies located in the EU: if you do not have a valid European VAT number, VAT must be charged according to the VAT rate applied in the country of the buyer.
    Outside Europe express sending: dongles sent outside Europe have to be shipped express. For this an additional fee of 35 € will be charged.

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