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EITT Prices


License type KNX Members

Full license (new)

€ 990

Upgrade from 4.1 ->4.2

€ 0

Upgrade from 4.0 ->4.2

€ 49

Upgrade from 3.x ->4.2

€ 249

Upgrade from 2.x ->4.2

New license

General Conditions

  • The price info given on this page is for information only.
  • KNX Association reserves the right to modify prices without prior warning.
  • In case of differences, the price mentioned in the KNX proforma invoice always applies.
  • Please contact Sales Department for the most up-to-date prices.
  • In addition to the prices below the following fees have to be paid per invoice:
    • Service fee of € 15: Via Registration you gain free access to first level of "product handling or licensing support" by KNX Association for all the licenses on the invoice. You may submit your questions concerning EITT in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish and only via My KNX.
    • VAT (Value Added Tax) for companies located in the EU: if you do not have a valid European VAT number, VAT must be charged according to the VAT rate applied in the country of the buyer.

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