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Configuration Modes

The KNX Standard allows each manufacturer to select the most ideal configuration mode and according to the market which allows each manufacturer to choose the right combination for the target market segment and application.

The KNX Standard includes 2 different configuration Modes:

Configuration Modes Graph

S-Mode (System Mode)

This configuration mechanism is intended for well-trained KNX installers to realise sophisticated building control functions. An installation consisting of “S-Mode” components can be planned by a common software tool (ETS) on the basis of product databases provided by S-Mode product manufacturers: the ETS is also used to link the products and configure them (i.e. set the available parameters as required by the installation and download). "S-Mode" offers the highest degree of flexibility for the realisation of building control functions.

E-Mode (Easy Mode)

This configuration mechanism is meant for installers with basic KNX training. “E-Mode” compatible products offer limited functions compared to S-Mode. E-Mode components are already pre-programmed and loaded with a default set of parameters. With a simple configurator, each component (mainly its parameter settings and communication links) can be partly reconfigured.