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New KNX Products

In this list you can find new KNX products that have been brought to the market.

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Total: 7 products

  • A

    JUNG presents its KNX temperature controller fan coil — especially suitable for hotel rooms. Guests operate the device intuitively via clear symbols on the display and sensor keys. Four different operating modes are available to set the desired temperature. If hotel managers connect fan coil to the property management system, the temperature can also be regulated automatically. Its "Eco" mode also fulfils the expectations for high energy efficiency. The controller impresses with its unobtrusive design: the display is darkened when not in use and the operating LED only lights up discreetly. The KNX room temperature controller fan coil is available in the design ranges A and LS.

    Website: http://www.jung.de

  • F

    Freedompro presents Easykon for KNX, a voice-control bridge certified Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. With Easykon for KNX your customers can easily control their smart homes with smartphone and voice, locally and remotely. Easykon for KNX can manage up to 150 devices of 11 different types: lights, thermostats, window coverings, fans, switches, outlets, contact sensors, leak sensors, motion sensors, smoke sensors and temperature sensors. Evolving your KNX systems is easy. Connect Easykon through an ethernet cable, a KNX TP and a power supply (12/24 V AC/DC). Then import your KNX project from ETS directly in the configuration panel and drag and drop KNX addresses on the different devices. Thanks to your knowledge and just in few minutes your customers will be able to speak to their smart homes.

    Website: www.freedompro.eu

  • H

    It is visualisation, control, IoT controller and a simple start-up server all in one: The new domovea smart home control from Hager is capable of more than ever. Combining up to three devices into one single module saves space in the enclosure, saves time when planning, installing and configuring. Hardware as well as software have been redesigned and improved: domovea brings together all of Hager\'s smart home functions into one intuitive operation and visualization, and is characterized by a simple user interface with icons in the style of well-known smartphone applications.

    Website: hager.de/domovea

  • M

    The KNX Power Supply KNX-40E is a 1280mA power supply with high efficiency and a small footprint of only 4 SU wide (72 mm). The device has a bus choke output and additionally extra output for auxiliary power. Its wide temperature operating range can meet all kinds of demands for building automation applications. There are two versions: basic and diagnostic. Basic version with LED indicators on panel used in case of normal operation, overload conditions and RESET operation while diagnostic version provides bus monitoring, record all the bus activities and other advanced functions. With over 36 years of industrial power supply experience, KNX-40E is engineered to be a reliable and safe solution for KNX bus environment.

    Website: https://www.meanwell.com/newsInfo.aspx?c=1&i=737&utm_source=KNX_Association&utm_campaign=KNX_ETS&utm_medium=EUPW

  • V

    In preparation for KNX RF training becoming part of the KNX Basic Course for certified European KNX training centres by spring 2020, VOLTUS, TAPKO Technologies and ZF Friedrichshafen have cooperated to produce a KNX RF training set which is available now.The training set contains a Basic Kit for beginners and a separate Extension Kit for more advanced professionals. The Basic Kit contains a KNX RF media coupler and a batteryless KNX RF wireless pushbutton with programming adapter and matching plastic parts. The Extension Kit contains a KNX RF USB stick, as well as a KNX RF wireless socket. All products are completely compatible with each other, ensuring a smooth education and training process.

    Website: go.voltus.de/knx-rf-trainingset

  • W

    Secure on IP: KNX IP Security enables secure connection for PCs or visualizations as well as secure routing over IP with full compatibility with existing KNX devices or installations. The new KNX IP Interface 732 secure and KNX IP Router 752 secure are the logical evolution of Weinzierl’s successful KNX IP series. The devices have a compact design with a width of only 18 mm and are powered by the KNX bus. KNX Security can be activated and deactivated as an option in the ETS. The buttons and LEDs on the device allow a local diagnosis of the current operating status and possible communication errors.

    Website: https://www.weinzierl.de/index.php/en/all-knx/knx-devices-en#IP

  • Z

    The Wireless Pushbutton from ZF Friedrichshafen AG is the world\'s first energy harvesting KNX RF pushbutton module that is configurable via ETS5 (and upwards) without a gateway. The Wireless Pushbutton requires no wiring and no batteries and is versatile and easy to integrate. It can be used as a light switch and as a shutter switch. The Wireless Pushbutton is available in series production and is compatible with off-the-shelf panels and frames for energy harvesting light switch modules, although it can also be combined with customer-specific design parts. It can be integrated in a TP network using ETS5 programming and a media coupler which is also available from ZF.

    Website: https://switches-sensors.zf.com/