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New KNX Products

In this list you can find new KNX products that have been brought to the market.

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Total: 4 products

  • A

    Hackers stop at nothing! To effectively protect the digital infrastructure in buildings against attacks, facility planners should already rely on KNX IP Secure during installa-tion. It encrypts data communication in the network and ensures secure transmission of all KNX telegrams. Up to eight tunneling connections can be used for encryption. Using the JUNG KNX IP Interface (IPS 300 SREG), the rooms (for example in hotels or office buildings) are connected to the central visualization system via a fast IP backbone. The KNX IP Interface has an OLED display to show important device parameters. Additionally the device is powered directly from the KNX bus.

    Website: https://www.jung.de/en/

  • M

    PWM-60/120KN series is a 60W/120W AC/DC LED driver featuring the constant voltage mode with PWM style output, which is able to maintain the color temperature and the brightness homogeneity when driving all kinds of LED strips and the KNX interface to avoid using the complicated KNX-DALI gateway. PWM-60/120KN offers 12V & 24V output models. Thanks to the high efficiency of up to 90%, with the fan-less design, the entire series is able to operate for -40°C ~ +90°C case temperature under free air convection. The minimal dimming level is 0.5% and the output frequency is changeable between 200~4000Hz using ETS setting providing great flexibility for LED lighting applications.

    Website: https://www.meanwell.com/newsInfo.aspx?c=1&i=823&utm_source=KNX_Association&utm_campaign=KNX_ETS

  • P

    The PEAKnx USB-Connector is more than just a classic KNX USB interface! Combined with the YOUVI software package, you can address, program and analyze the KNX network and control all basic tasks of your KNX building. Besides the visualization, the software package also includes IP router and bus monitor. The bus monitor enables KNX bus analysis and facilitates troubleshooting. In conjunction with the USB connector and the KNX-WAGO adapter, YOUVI Visu can be used on any Windows 10 device that has a USB port. The USB connector is the bridge between KNX and USB and an additional server or IP router is not required.

    Website: http://bit.ly/36ATTJz

    Voice control “private by design” without cloud in an in-wall box. The computer for the evaluation of the spoken data, as well as microphones and speaker: Everything integrated in a device that fits seamlessly with all switch programs (55 x 55 or all JUNG series). As inconspicuous as it is, the functionality is so powerful. After plugging in via the PoE line, the configured devices and room names are read from the popular visualization servers like ProKNX, Eisbär, Elsner, JUNG etc. and trained via AI. Immediately thereafter, the system is ready to work, a real plug and talk! Contact us for special functions for hotels, hospitals, conference rooms, AAL,..

    Website: www.proknx.com/aragon