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About KNX Partners

KNX Partner

KNX Association offers companies who have specialized in the KNX technology the possibility to become a KNX Partner. This can be attained by taking a course (and passing the final exam) at a KNX Certified Training Centre.

Privileges / Benefits

  • KNX Association will put the following items at your disposal:
      KNX Partner certificate established in the name of the KNX Partner.
    • Access to the KNX Partner logo that you may use on advertisement or other business related documents (letter paper, envelopes, business cards etc.).
    • An ETS5 Lite voucher (worth 140 EUR).
    • Additional voucher worth 185 EUR when upgrading your ETS5 Lite license to ETS5 Professional.
  • Your company will be published on the KNX website (if desired).
  • The KNX Journal is sent to you free of charge.