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Developing ETS Apps

What is an ETS App?

An ETS App is an add-on software program that is used together with ETS. The purpose of an ETS App is to extend the functionality of the ETS Software tailored to the needs of the KNX system integrators. Any existing software can be adapted to the ETS App interface by using the ETS SDK. Moreover, when a new ETS App is created and is available to the users there is no need to recompile ETS. It is plug & play software! An ETS App is similar to the add-ons for internet browsers or apps for smartphones, but it is only for ETS and of course it is exclusively sold via My KNX!

Advantages of becoming an ETS App developer

Open your market to all ETS end users
ETS Apps are exclusively sold via My KNX. Users from more than 125 countries from all around the world are potential buyers for your ETS Apps! 

Internationally Boost your Company
Present your ETS Apps in the KNX Journal. The KNX Journal is read by more than 80.000 subscribers worldwide and will provide excellent publicity not only for your ETS Apps, but for your company as well. 

Get access to specific Tools
By becoming ETS App Developer you will get direct access to the ETS App Validation Tool and the ETS Software Development Kit. 

Manage your ETS Apps yourself
You can easily and quickly manage your ETS Apps via your ETS App Developer account in My KNX. Check how many people use your ETS App and make your own statistics for your sales! 

Become known outside the KNX community
KNX will promote your company worldwide by including your logo in future events (exhibitions, seminars, workshops, etc.) 

Use the KNX Logo as a Beacon for your Business The KNX member logo can be used by companies on their KNX-related promotional or other business related documents (letter paper, envelopes, business cards etc.). 

A world of business opportunities – One contact: KNX
KNX offers a world of business opportunities. By using only one online shop, one account, one tool and having one spot support. 

Extend your worldwide visibility through the KNX website
Your company and contact details will appear on the International KNX website, joining thus a world of more than 125 countries.


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