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KNX is the only bus system worldwide that offers the complete range of transmission media for building control systems: Twisted Pair, Powerline, Radio Frequency and Ethernet IP. Transmission media can easily be coupled with KNX media couplers. The KNX applications are commissioned with ETS, the manufacturer, product and trade independent tool.  From the Idea to the Finished Product, the list of questions for a KNX novice on how to implement KNX into a new device can be quite long:

  • Which KNX media (e.g. Twisted Pair or Radio Frequency) should be used?
  • Which software requirements does KNX demand?
  • Which communication objects – data formats – should be used and how are they programmed?
  • What are the hardware requirements for the device?
  • Are there standard components?
  • How will the device be commissioned, i.e., which configuration modes should be supported?
  • Is there technical support that can assist during the development?
  • How is the certification process?

It’s helpful to learn about the KNX standard components that are available on the market for the different media, to get a better idea of which solution may be suited to develop your devices. For more information about available KNX devices please contact:

Company Website

Eelectron SpA


Elmos Semiconductor AG


ON Semiconductor


Opternus Components GmbH


Radiocrafts AS


Siemens AG


TAPKO Technologies GmbH


Weinzierl Engineering GmbH