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Become an Accredited Test lab

In order to ensure that KNX Association accept test reports as a basis for KNX certification, the laboratory issuing such reports must successfully pass a KNX accreditation audit.

  • If nationally accredited, the KNX audit will be limited to assessing the aptitude of the candidate test lab to carry out KNX conformity testing. This will be done on the basis of a sample test campaign prepared by the candidate test lab.
  • If not accredited nationally, the test lab will have to additionally pass an audit carried out by the KNX Audit Team to show compliance to the ISO 17025 standard.


Description Cost

Initial audit

The cost of the above audit including travel and hotel expenses will be invoiced to the applicant. For more detailed information, please contact KNX Association’s certification department.

Nationally accredited Test labs

€ 500 / year

Not nationally accredited Test labs

€ 1 500 / year